Masaki Kobashi - Teru no Hime (masaki_kobashi) wrote in jap_fashion_lov,
Masaki Kobashi - Teru no Hime

New Member! ^^

::Name:: Laura, but I prefer Masaki or Masa
::Age:: 18
::Location:: USA
::What Style Most Influences you?:: FRUiTS
::When Did You First See or Hear About Jap_fashion_lov?:: I was looking up "japanese street fashion" on my interests while looking for street fashion communities, and I just happened to stumble by. ^^
::What is Your Favorite Japanese style/fashion?:: FRUiTS
::Anything Else You Want To Add?:: I love Japanese fashion, but I don't have much to show off as far as my own styles. I'm really looking for some ideas so I can get started making my own fashions and creating my style.
::Picture of Yourself (optional):: ((COMING SOON))
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